Welcome New Believers!

We want you to know how excited we are to welcome you into the family of God. The decision you made was life-changing and we want to help you continue the relationship with God you have begun. If you gave your life to Christ at Chestnut Assembly, I may have said when you came forward, “No relationship ends with the introduction”. Your introduction to God was just the beginning of what I hope will be a relationship lasting the rest of your life. This really is the first step on your journey to heaven. 

We have invited you to be a part of our new believer’s class which is a part of our small group system. This system provides a casual non-threatning atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and relationship-building. While you are waiting to join one of these groups we have gathered the following material which will aid you in understanding some of the principles that will enhance this new direction you are taking in your life. Read it through as you get started on your way and as soon as possible make contact with us to get connected to the new believer’s class.           

There are at least four basic elements that are essential to the growth of our relationship with God. They are Prayer, Bible Reading and Study, Fellowship, and Sharing your faith with others. The following will help you understand:

Prayer is as essential to knowing God and growing spiritually as breathing is to living and staying healthy. Just as you need to communicate effectively to be a good employee or spouse, our walk with God is only as strong as the communication between you and Him. Read More
Have you ever missed a meal or two because you were really busy? At some point, your body probably told you it needed food, whether it was hunger pangs or a growling stomach. Whatever the sign, you need to eat. Read More
One of the keys to spiritual growth is to become part of a local church. In its biblical form, the church should provide biblically-sound teaching, genuine worship, an atmosphere in which Christians are able to use their God-given gifts and abilities, and spiritual leadership that will help keep believers accountable. Or course we recommend Chestnut Assembly of God. Read More
One of the greatest blessings of the Christian life is being able to help lead someone to Jesus Christ. It is a real joy to see someone else experience the same things you did when you became a Christian. Read More