Men's Testimonies

From David Cruz: "Saturday before we finished our 201 class,  Pastor Snook asked if anybody has never spoke in tongues and I was one of them. So we went outside and everybody gathered around me and we started worshipping the Lord.  Five minutes into the worship everybody started speaking tongues and one of my desires as a man of God was to speak in tongues.  So I started praising and thanking God for the things He has done for me.  Suddenly I felt something come over me and I started speaking in tongues.  It was something I never felt before.  It was the greatest feeling I ever had.  I just want to thank David B., Chris R., Ken C., Robert H., Pastor Snook.  You are all inspirations to me.  I also want to thank James and Rolando Mercado has always been like a father and a mentor to me.  Thank Chestnut Assembly of God church for accepting me with open arms and I want to especially thank the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.  I give him all the glory and praise. GOD BLESS!!!!!!"

From Dave Garcia: "I remember during the mid 1990's in the height of the Promise keeper's movement how the Men's group would get together but somehow during the years it died down. Now for the past two years I can see an incredible growth & fire with the Men's ministry. These men today have an amazing hunger for God that has been a blessing to my heart. We are living in some uncertain times, just turn on the TV & see all of the bad things going on out there. Men today need real answers to real issues in their lives today. The Men's group is a place where the guy's can get real & let God step in to deal with the issue's of the heart & the mind. Cookie cutter religion will not satisfy what men are going through today in this world. My mistake in the past was that I felt like I could do it all by myself. The time for that kind of thinking is over. I encouage all the guys young & old to come out & see for yourself how good it is to hang out with guys that only want the best for you."

From Vivian Rodriguez: "It's wonderful to hear men worship and praise God. It's also great when men can come together and encourage one another.  It's a blessing to have The Band of Brothers in our home. Thank you for your obedience to God, your commitment to one another, and to the Church.  You're all in our prayers." 

The Pizza Guy Story: It has been amazing to watch how God is moving in this group.  Each night the group ends with some time for fellowship and food.  One week the pizza delivery man came to drop off the pizza (during prayer time) and left.  A minute later he came back stating "I don't know what happened but when I walked in I felt something like I had never felt and after I walked out something was telling me I had to turn around and go back in".  The pizza delivery man decided to accept Jesus in his heart that night.  He had to go back to work but called after he was done to see if he could come back!

From Ken Corson: "I started coming to Men's Group for a couple reasons...I had a desire to get more involved than just coming Sunday morning and I live in a family filled with sisters...not one brother!  This group has helped catapult my life in so many ways.  I have witnessed God move in ways I have never seen.  I have seen brothers use their giftings in an incredible way.  My own spiritual antenna has been adjusted to receive a stronger signal from God to the point where I began seeing visions and decided to start drawing them.  God has even prompted me to know that a vision He is showing me is for a particular person.  Over the past few years of coming to this group, I see how God is continuing to transform and shape me and the other men into the fathers, husbands, brothers, co-workers he has created us to be.  Come out expecting and see what God will do!" 

Last Published: April 13, 2015 11:04 AM